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  • Has been an amazing year!

    I can't believe I haven't posted here for more than a year.

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The Truth about Business Communication

The Truth about Business Communication workshop @ ŠKIS Last May 21st I had the pleasure to present a workshop with ŠKIS in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Let me start by saying that I loved that little city! Such a great atmosphere, so welcoming and quiet as compared to the craziness of busy London. It made me think … Continue reading

Analog, Lomography

New photos

This was a photo taken with my fisheye camera, in Lisbon. I’ll be sharing with you some of my (amateur) photos. You can find more, here:

Your Perfect Pitch

Your Perfect Pitch by Patrick Powers This week I had the pleasure of joining a group of very interesting people looking to discover all the secrets of how to develop a perfect pitch. Patrick Powers, marketing strategist specialising in direct response copywriting, conversion, closing, pitching and persuasion strategies, and also the man behind the Entrepreneurs … Continue reading

Look around

Look around you

London is this amazing place where anywhere you look there is something to inspire you: a person, a moment, an idea or an intricate project. Every day I get surprised with a new, niche directed, idea. From the greatest tech development to something as random as marble import. Great opportunities can arise if you know … Continue reading

Sunny London

Sunny London

This was a photo taken by Holga, using a multiple exposure process. I’ll be sharing with you some of my (amateur) photos. You can find more, here:

EUPRERA 2012 Istanbul

Public Relations in Portugal: A lack of understanding of the concept or a non-recognition of the profession?

Paper presented in EUPRERA 2012, Istanbul “In specific terms, what’s the major aim of this empirical study? Objectively it is intended to study the current performance of the Public Relations profession in Portugal, more specifically in the Communication Agencies and Consultancies sector. This was the question to which I tried to answer trough the application … Continue reading

Public Relations: What are they called in the Communication Agencies sector in Portugal?

Public Communication Magazine, Issue 10, Portugal “As we know, in our days Public Relations have been developing and establishing itself as a strategic function, fundamental to the Organizational Management. From a simple set of techniques, Public Relations are seen, today, as a Communications’ Science discipline.   However, although there have been some good changes and … Continue reading

Public Relations today: traditional media and new media, how to integrate them?

Public Communication Magazine, Issue 12, Portugal “In the todays’ network organized, accelerated and competitive society, companies decision quality and efficiency will highly depend on its time of implementation. The digital reality is something we cannot afford to miss or run away. We rather need to be the first one to be online and be better. … Continue reading

Photography Love

“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to with the way you see them.” Elliot Erwitt I’m also very passionate about photography, specially analogic cameras.  I’ve always done it just for the fun of it, but now I see it as an area that I would … Continue reading

The Melbourne Mandates

Global Alliance, 2012 “A call to action for new areas of value in public relations and communication management.” I had the opportunity to give my contribute for the establishement of the Melbourne Mandate, as I consider to be a very important part of the professional responsibility to contribute for the field of practice. The mandate … Continue reading


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